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  Welcome to Reception!   


The Children are enjoying the Spring term so far. We are learning about lots of different traditional tales such as: The three little pigs, The Gingerbread man, Goldilocks and many more. The children have enjoyed listening to, retelling and acting out some of the stories. We have been cooking Gingerbread men, making The Three Little Pigs houses' and estimating and weighing porridge to fill the Three bears porridge bowls.




Using our Phonics


 In reception we encourage children to use their sounds when they are reading and writing. When reading we help them to sound out and then blend the word together. We have been learning lots of tricky words too (which cannot be sounded out).

The children are producing lots of brilliant pieces of writing which shows how they have applied their newly learnt phonics sounds.



Useful Phase 2 Tricky word bookmark with the Phase 2 sounds

Phase 3 Tricky Words

African Drumming Workshop


The children enjoyed taking part in an African Drumming workshop in October. They learnt about rhythm

and how to make different sounds using the authentic African drums.