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Here you will find news and some pictures of your teachers! 

Miss Jayson -

Ash Class, I hope you and your families are all well. I am missing you and looking forward to when we can all be back in school together. I hope you are enjoying home learning and finding lots of other fun things to do, while keeping home and safe. Thank you very much for the lovely email messages and home learning photos that you have been sending. It's so great to hear from you! smiley


As well as preparing home learning for you, I have been busy with some other activities and I thought I'd tell you a bit about them...

I took part in a run to raise money for charity. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and I did a lot of exercise that day! The money went to Great Ormond Street Hospital to help children who are ill. I enjoyed running, at the same time knowing I was helping sick children. Have you been doing exercises to keep yourself healthy? What kind of exercises have you been doing? 

On VE day I enjoyed a celebration tea. People in my street put bunting up in their windows and we dressed in red, white and blue. Did you see or do anything special for VE day? 

I have been on some exercise walks around the area where I live and on one of my walks I saw the most spectacular rainbow, brightening up the sky with its amazing colours! Have you seen any rainbows? 

I noticed that a lot of people have made rainbow pictures to display in their windows. Have you made a rainbow picture? If so, please send me a photo! 
I decided to make my own rainbow poster for you!  Perhaps you saw me painting it in the staff video? 

On my daily exercise walks I have noticed the beautiful spring blossom trees: 

Ash class, do you remember when we went outside to find our Ash tree in autumn and we talked about how it would change through the seasons? I wonder how it looks now! Perhaps you could draw a picture of a tree that you can see from your home and send a photo of your drawing to me on our class email? 
I have also been busy cooking, reading, and finding sneaky places to hide the teddy bear to give you ideas for your maths home learning! I loved seeing your teddy photos! 

Mrs Dilloway -

I have been busy cooking , planting seeds and playing with my lovely dog Harry!

I went for a walk in the woods and saw beautiful bluebells. Please can you send some photos (by email) if you have seen interesting things on your exercise walks? 


Still image for this video

Outside my window we have birds called blue tits nesting in our garden. If you look carefully in the following video you will see them popping their heads in and out the nest box and then leaving to find food. Have you noticed any birds from your window? Or outside if you have a garden? Can you do some research to find out some facts about garden birds that you have seen? Or draw a picture of  how it looked and send it to your teacher? 



blue tits video.mp4

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Mrs Smithers: 

Hi everyone! I hope you are well and keeping busy. I have been busy in my house and garden and thought I would share some things with you.


Here I am having breakfast in my garden, pretending I'm on holiday! But I had to share it with my cat Newt! I have also been making healthy and yummy snacks in my kitchen. Most of all I am enjoying playing ball with my naughty dog Bugsy and looking at the beautiful blue sky with no planes to be seen! I am missing you all and can't wait until we are all back together at school. Keep safe! 


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