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Mrs Taylor

Here I am walking my dogs Charlie and Bella.

I'm really enjoying my online drawing classes on Youtube. I've done quite a few. This is Olaf from Frozen.

If you can remember I absolutely love bees. Do you know why? I found this poster of all the different types of bee in the UK.

I have been going on walks to my local park. On my way there and when I am in the park I look for letters of the alphabet wherever I go. I have nearly collected the whole set. Can you see which ones I still need to find?

Mrs Davies

Here's a picture of me in the garden, checking my vegetable seedlings. Maybe you could write a list of 20 vegetables and fruit I grow at my allotment.

I have been cooking a lot, and made these pizzas. They are very easy to make. You could have a go at making them!

I made these cookies with sultanas. Very healthy!

I have been playing with my cats Romeo and Scala.

Mrs Bonito

I have been going out on my bike, exploring the quiet streets of central London.

Do you recognise this famous London building?

I have been making cakes too.

I have two guinea pigs called Patch and Rumble. They are always hungry. Do you know what guinea pigs like to eat?