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Here is some of the lovely work Beech children have been doing at home 


Look closely to see the parts of a castle.
Life cycle of a sunflower
Happy Birthday!
Sharing and grouping in maths
A great idea - using raisins to share!
Birthday party ideas
A birthday card fit for a queen!
Lovely neat writing.
Fantastic sentences by Jake.
Learning position and direction.
More brilliant maths work!
Take a look at the amazing car made by Zahra!
Impressive spelling work!
Real and nonsense words spelling practice
Can you read these amazing sentences?
Spelling work
Working hard on a card matching game
What a fabulous picture!
A story map about the life of Amelia Earhart.
Practising phonics is really important.
More fantastic phonics practice.
Lining up dominoes + knocking them down = good fun
A pretty Angry Birds picture made from sand,
Tiger symmetry! Great job!
Finding patterns on the 100 square.
Can you see the number patterns?
Working on his family tree.
And here it is! Great work!
Take a look at this fantastic spotty monster!
Zahra's brilliant monster design and description.
Zahra can find work out halves and quarters too!
Fabulous fraction work!
Roll a fraction game.
Learning about plants
Lots of home learning here!
Brilliant writing!
Look at this maths work.
Jake has been learning about animal groups
Phonics matching game.
Great writing using phonics to spell.
Amazing phonics!
Working out equal groups
Design a sandwich
Zahra's spider sandwich!
Counting in groups
Excellent maths problems
Using objects to help work out maths problems
Sorting animals into groups
Working hard on some maths
Following a recipe to make biscuits
Maths on the computer
Working hard on phonics
A lovely poster
Brilliant subtraction
Being creative
A coronavirus poster
Yoga makes you strong and flexible
Keeping up with reading!
Team work!
What a great food diary!
Zahra made a colourful fruit rainbow!
Zahra's maths work
Fantastic phonics by Zahra.
Phonics practice
Super spelling
A home-made speed boat.
Science by AlpErin
Grouping animals
Cooking some food. Looks delicious!
Blindfolded taste test.
What a colourful super bear!