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Are you interested in doing some art activities at home? Would you like to learn about different artists, see art videos and draw, paint or make something? Did you know that you can even visit an art gallery from your home? Here are some ideas, links and useful websites, using objects from around the home. Enjoy your art adventures! 


If you make some art work that you would like to share, please send a photo of it to your teacher. Acorn, Nursery and Reception photos can be sent on Tapestry. Years 1 and 2 please send using your class email. We'd love to see your creative art and your teacher might even publish your art photo on your class gallery page! 

Lego Rubbings 

How to Make Rubbing Art with LEGO Bricks

Five Minute Crafts



Mark making to music 

Here you are shown how to respond in your drawing to different styles of music. You can use your own music, or the playlist on this link:


Great British Bunting for VE Day! 

VE Day is on Friday 8th May. On this day Britain marks 75 years since the end of war in Europe.

You can learn more about it on this link:


Here is a way that you can mark this important day, and honour people who died in war, without leaving the safety of your home. 

You can make your own special VE Day 75 bunting to display in your window at home. Here are all the instructions you need to get started using any paper, cereal boxes, string, ribbon, sweet wrappers, felt pens, poster paint or whatever you can find. You can watch the video and then there are step by step instructions to follow. Enjoy making bunting! Your teachers would love to see photos of how it looks! 
Junk Modelling Challenge 

Take part in the JUNK MODELLING CHALLENGE and create your own aircraft using recyclable materials. You can see examples of different aircraft on the RAF museum website:

Please send pictures to your teachers of any aircraft models you make! 

VE Day Plane




Art Competition: Design your Super Bear


How would you like to design a 'super-bear' which could be made into a real toy and sold in the shops? 

Here is your chance! 

There's a competition to design a 'super-bear' as a thank you to all the people who are working so hard in hospitals to help people who are unwell. You can enter, as long as an adult helps you to send in your design. You need to email a picture of your bear, using the template below, to: by 5pm on Friday 8th May. Be as creative as you like! 

Your adult can find all the information on this link. If you do create a design, please send a picture of it to your teacher too! Happy designing!



Click here for the Super Bear Template:

Here you will learn how to create rainbow scratch paper using paint and washing up liquid.

Here you can learn to make sculptures using recycled materials.

This video teaches you some tips for drawing groups of objects. It's for adults and children, so perhaps invite a family member to join you.

Tate Kids website has video links, activities and lots of ideas for exciting art that you can try at home. Take a look! 


Fancy having a go at digital art? This progam has lots of different artistic tools and techniques you can try out, and you can create some exciting colourful and graphic effects. 


Here on Met Kids you can take a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is all the way across the world in New York, but you can visit it from your home!