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Here you will find some pictures and a little news from your teachers 

Mrs Hodge

For VE Day on May 8th, my family and I dressed up in 1940s style.  We decorated the garden in red, white and blue, had a barbecue and ate scones with cream and jam.  We even learnt a dance called the 'Lindy Hop'!  It was lots of fun.

Do you know what VE stands for?  Did you see any celebrations near you that day?

Mrs Harryman

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This weekend was so exciting, first I discovered a Swan's nest in a nearby lake ! It was about 1 Metre wide and I couldn't believe it as I have never seen one in my life before.The female swan was sitting calmly on the nest and she looked really comfortable and happy. I didn't want to disturb her ! Luckily Foxie behaved well and didn't yap too loudly.

After that I saw 16 tiny goslings in the park (Do you know what a gosling is? )

A few days later I went to take some exercise by walking along a footpath a field near my home. I followed the footpath through lots of fields and past a trickling stream. Finally I ended up next to a river, suddenly 16 horses appeared, before knew what was happening they were all quickly walking towards me to have a drink in the river. I was a little scared as they were so huge, but it was wonderful to see them so close.
After drinking, one very friendly brown horse kept following me and wouldn't stop! I think he wanted to come home with me. I wonder what my family would have said if I had actually taken him home ..?

Here a few pictures and videos I took for you to see my recent animal adventures. Love Mrs Harryman


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Mrs Harryman -Foxie the Pomchi Gets Brave

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We have been walking every day in the woods. This is Foxie when she bravely walked all the way over the fallen tree!
This is her just finishing. She was very proud of herself !

Mrs Harryman -On Sunday I was enjoying using my favourite tool a Hand Sander. I was redecorating some furniture in my house. After that I saved a very large caterpillar from drowning in my garden pond! Foxie was very intrigued by the caterpillar.(I wonder if you can you find out what 'intrigued' means?)

Mrs Hodge - I have been getting your work ready at our kitchen table while my children do their school work too! The blossom has come out on our apple tree and our cat, Nala, has enjoyed exploring the tree. We have also been learning to crochet and are going to put all these squares together (and some more) to make a blanket.

Mrs Dilloway -I have been busy cooking , planting seeds and playing with my lovely dog Harry!