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Hello Hawthorn class, this is Miss Bibi, I hope you all are well and enjoying the warm weather! I wanted to share with you all some of the amazing photographs I took of flowers and plants during my daily walk with my daughter. Have you seen any flowers during your walk or in your garden? Have a look at my photographs, which flower do you like the most? You can click on the picture to make the photograph larger.

Hello Hawthorn Class this is Miss Bibi, I wanted to share with you all something quite fascinating that my daughter had first noticed when we started going for our daily walks in March, She pointed out to me a tiny green 'snail' on a wall. Since, then we have noticed more and more of them! Some are green and others are dark brown and cream. My daughter is obsessed with them now...and so am I now! Have any of you noticed these snails on your walks?

Have a close look at this photograph. How many 'snails' can you spot? Clue there are 3 in the picture!

Hi Everyone! Miss Palos here, our local chalk artist has hidden 20 frogs around our local area - here are some we have found so far.

This is my family and I going for our daily walk. For some reason my eldest daughter's have decided to take some toys with them, you can see one bag is almost double the size of my middle daughter :-) You can't really tell from the photo but my son is carrying a large box, inside it is a centipede which he was 'taking for a walk.' You'll be pleased to hear it was released shortly after it's walk!

I have been busy planting strawberries, tomatoes, marrows and aubergines - nothing usually grows for me however, I'm feeling optimistic! I think I can even spot the start of a strawberry!

Miss Bibi reads a story

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Hello Everyone, Miss Palos here :-) in our garden we have a very small pond and every Spring/ Summer we have lots of visitors that my children enjoy catching and then releasing! Apparently a frog will always go back to the pond it was born in to lay her own eggs.


Some of the amazing pictures we have spotted on our walks, I wonder if you recognise any of the characters?

Hello everyone, This is Ms Bibi. I would like to share with you all some of the fun and challenging activities that I have been doing since we have been staying at home. During the 1st week, I decided I wanted to learn to do something new that I had never done before but always wanted to do. I started my first ever embroidery pattern! I have just completed it this week, what do you think? It was hard but I was not going to give up, and more importantly...I was enjoying myself!

I also started 'Colouring' with my daughter. As you can see it is very detailed and taking me a very long time. Have you done any challenging colouring?

I have formed a 'Cooking Society' with my sister and my nieces. We have decided that we will all cook something every week at the same time. It has been really fun sharing ideas and cooking tips with my family. We have a lot of laugh when things go wrong or if one of us has a missing ingredient. We try to stay connected during the cooking sessions by making lots of video calls! Week 1: We baked something of our own choice. Can you guess which bake was mine?

Week 2 Challenge: We had to all make a different type of Cheese cake. My Cheese Cake had popcorn and pretzel with salted caramel sauce. This was my first time making caramel sauce, it tasted delicious! Can you see which one it is? Have you been baking at home? If you have tell me about it in an email, maybe even send in a photograph of your baking or cooking.