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Attila completing his Sport's Day Tasks. Well Done Attila!

Shri Ananya's excellent Phonic work!

Natalia has been learning all about plants and even made her own sunflower

William has been learning about Sunflowers.

Natalia has been practising her phonics and her understanding of place value

Naila has been busy sorting coins and doing lots of division.

Oli watching a Maths video from the new White Rose maths scheme. Oli also completed the Bite Size tasks that accompany the video! Well done Oli!

Oli busy with all his Home Learning tasks! Keep smiling and working hard Oli!

'Congratulations' Naila for completing the Shape Puzzle!

Attila's excellent work on 'Arrays'.

Naila has been practising her spellings and her positional and directional language.

Oli has been learning all about directional and positional language and helping Meghan and Harry plan their wedding by completing lots of phonics games.

Natalia has been celebrating The Queen's second birthday (lucky lady!) and learning about spiders.

William has a new family member living with him and has written a treasure map for his parents.

William is 6!!! And growing peas ;-)

Natalia's Factbook about The Royal Family

Naila and her family celebrated Eid on the 24th, 25th and 26th of May. 'Eid' Is a Muslim celebration.'Eid Mubarak' everyone!

Naila and her brother baked a cake for Eid!
'Eid Mubarak' to Hawthorn  from Naila and family!

Hania has been writing some recipes

William has been cooking (yummy flapjacks I think) and finding lots of words in the wordsearch.

Read Naila's interesting ingrediants for her burger! Also check out her Smile Journal hoping to bring a smile to you too!

Read Oli's Amazing Recipe Book! Another 'must have' recipe book for everyone's kitchen!

Naila and her family preparing for 'Eid', how very exciting!

Naila & her brother arranging their 'Eid Cookies!'
Naila made 'Eid' cards for her family and friends.

Naila made a 'Lap top' - can you see there is a story about a 'Princess' on the monitor!

Shri is very excited to share with all her friends and teachers some of the tasks that she she has completed over the past two weeks!

Natalia's Completed Recipe Book! Every Household needs a recipe book like this in their kitchen!

Caitlin has been busy with her home learning as well as being busy with her new baby sister 'Astrid'!

Caitlin's enjoying her home learning tasks!
Caitlin designed her very own Monster
Hani's Cookie Recipe
Hania is learning to play the trumpet!

Natalia's verbs and Miss Bottle Monster

Attila has been practicing reading some tricky words and his doubles!

Oli has been practicing his fractions and designing a very springy monster!

Chloe has been busy completing all the 'Spider Sandwich' activities for the week! I hope you are all enjoying the story about 'Max'

Look at Chloe's Maths work!

Hania has been baking cookies with her mum. They look scrumptious!

Naila is really enjoying the 'Spider Sandwich' story and has designed her own sandwich.

Naila and her brother have been busy helping their mum bake 'Pandan' cookies. Yummy!

Oli's having lots of fun with his 'phonics'!

Oli's phonic work for the week.
Oli wrote sentences using his spelling words.

Attila's working hard on his Maths!

William has been doing explosive experiments and making flapjacks :-)

Natália has been learning about Roald Dahl and celebrating VE Day!

Hania has been very busy, she made a birdhouse with her daddy and drew lots of minibeasts.

Caitlin made a video message for her friends, letting them know how much she is missing them and all the fun things they will do together soon .

Caitlin started her very own project learning about 'Space'.

Caitlin's Solar System Model.

Naila has been very busy this week...

Completing her weekly Home learning tasks.
Writing about her favourite foods.
Making cut- out paper dolls.

Attila wrote a wonderful message to his mum, it made her so happy.

Natália's Superhero

Naila is trying to find the evil pea!

William has been doubling and created a fruit rainbow

Shri has been practicing her phonics

Have a look at Oli's amazing drawing of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' and read his fabulous story of the 'fearless' hero!

Attila has been very busy this week practicing his handwriting and completing his Maths work, Well done!

Ava making a wormery

William practicing his timetables

Natalia's Array City

Mia A has been busy adding

Getting ready for Ramadan
Oli and some Rainforest animals :-)
Dexter has made a wonderful wordsearch
Attila has made a fabulous rainforest
Milana has been learning about habitats

Miss Palos and her family have been camping in the back garden (it was VERY cold!) and just like in Hawthorn class we each had an egg to look after for the day and write about, the children created a house for the eggs - complete with hammock and a washing line!

Here are some of the lovely home learning activities Hawthorn class have been doing