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Miss Anaman

I have been busy playing lots of board games, keeping healthy and doing lots of gardening.

Mrs Alexander 


I have been learning some new skills at home. 

I have started to up-cycle some old pallets! I wonder if you can guess what I did with the yellow tubing? 

I've been practising my baking skills. 

I have been practising my maths skills with my 4yr old son! We've had loads of fun trying to use all sorts of things at home to do maths. 

We have all been learning to be more artistic. 

I have also started running for some exercise and my mental health. Its really great fun! Have you tired it? Try it out in your garden. Start with 4 laps, then the next time you run try 6 laps and so on. 


Mrs Georgiou

I have been keeping busy by doing lots of arts and crafts with my children. We have made rainbows for our window, created chalk pictures  in the garden and made nature pictures. Have you been creating anything or have you drawn any rainbows? You could upload them to tapestry so we could see. I have also been running and taking part in yoga sessions online. Maybe you would like to try yoga? Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga it is great fun.

We have set up a tent in my garden and we went on a pretend camping holiday.


Mrs Dedgjonaj 


Hello nursery friends, hope you are safe and well.
I have been keeping busy and going for walks in the park. While walking there I passed a field of daisies and my daughter and I decided to sit down and make daisy chains. Can you guess how many flowers I used to make a daisy chain?
It was my daughters birthday and I baked a cake. I had to use lots of different ingredients. Can you remember when we made heart shaped biscuits in the nursery? Can you list the ingredients we used?