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Proposed Federation


17th October, 2019



Dear Parents, Staff, and Members of the Community,


Working Better Together


We are writing to you as the Chair of Governors at Queenswell Infants & Nursery School and Queenswell Junior School to share with you proposed plans for the future of both schools and to consult with you on these plans.

As you may be aware per pupil school funding across England and Wales has not increased for several years yet costs are increasing by more than the rate of inflation. In addition, falling pupil numbers at Queenswell Infants and Nursery have led to a reduction in form numbers from three to two in reception and years 1 and 2. Consequently, on current trends by 2023 this will mean that both schools will become entirely two form. So in light of these developments and given the government’s encouragement to increase collaboration, the Governing bodies of Queenswell Infants & Nursery, and Queenswell Junior have been exploring the potential benefits of more formal collaboration.

The option we want to share with you is ‘Hard Federation’, which is not a merger or Academisation, but where the two Governing bodies join to become one, and typically there is an Executive Head Teacher overall leadership of all schools in the Federation.  Both Governing bodies have worked together to undertake a fact finding exercise on the pros and cons of such a move and came to the unanimous view to recommend consulting you on a proposal to move to form what is termed a Hard Federation. In essence this is because Hard Federation offers both schools the opportunity to maximise financial sustainability and also deliver educational improvements. The attached consultation document outlines this proposal in more detail.

What does Hard Federation mean?

  • The Governing bodies will merge to form a ‘Hard Federation’ with a single governing body (under the Education Act of 2002, and see process set out in The School Governance (Federations) (England) Regulations 2012, and The School Governance (Constitution and Federations (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016).
  • The schools retain their name, individual admissions, own budget allocation from the local authority, own performance tables and OFSTED inspections.
  • They will be able to work together to maximise funding, resources and expertise. The schools may also benefit financially by sharing staff and resources, and using its greater purchasing power.
  • Federation will bring the opportunity to secure the strong strategic leadership of an Executive Head and a single Governing body, ensuring high standards of teaching and learning, and ensure children continue to enjoy a rich curriculum and make good progress.
  • Both schools will benefit from increased and improved career development opportunities for staff whilst minimising disruption.




Your views are important and there are a number of ways you can provide feedback and find out more:

  • Complete the attached form and return to Queenswell Infants School or Queenswell Junior School, Sweets Way, London N20.
  • Email:
  • Attend the drop in coffee mornings being held in the dining room (located at Queenswell Infants) on Friday 15 November and Friday 22 November both at 9.30 am – PLEASE NOTE ALL PARENTS AT BOTH SCHOOLS ARE INVITED TO ALL THESE EVENTS
  • Attend the open evening meeting being held in the hall of Queenswell Juniors on Wednesday 13 November at 18.00 – PLEASE NOTE ALL PARENTS AT BOTH SCHOOLS ARE INVITED TO THIS EVENT
  • Download the full consultation document from the school website (either school) or ask for a hard copy from the school office (at both the Infants and the Juniors).


When will these proposed changes take place?


The proposed date for the federation is Wednesday 2nd September 2020.


How long is the consultation period?


The consultation period will end by 5.00 pm on Thursday 5 December 2019.


We believe these proposals will enrich how our schools work together and help to improve the education of all Queenswell children. But the Governing bodies will only decide whether to proceed with this once they have considered your views (the feedback will be put into a report to both Governing Bodies). Please do respond and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Yours faithfully,


Howard Davies


Sacha Alter

Chair of Governors, Queenswell Junior School

Chair of Governors, Queenswell Infants & Nursery School