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Reading For All

Our school is a reading school! One that actively promotes the joy of reading!

We understand how important reading is, but also how challenging it can be too. 

Reading for just 10 minutes a day can have a marked impact on a child's life.


Below are some hints and tips to support you at home at this time 

Mrs Smithers reading "Puppy and Puppy Else" written by children from Queenswell.

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Mrs Smithers reading "Something Else" by Kathryn Cave

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Mrs Lloyd reading 'The returning' by Thalia Brooke

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The book trust is a great source for hints, tips and activities

Children should be exposed to text for 10 minutes a day. Some days that can be them reading, Other days it might be you reading to them. Have you considered letting someone else read to your child instead? Here are some suggested pages you could visit: 


* Cbeebies bedtime stories (iplayer) 

* Oliver jeffers reading Stuck

* The Smartest Giant in Town

* CBBC newsround has lots of things children can read about that are current and relatable 


BELOW YOU CAN ACCESS 100s of free EBooks for your child to read.

These books are levelled and have an option to be read aloud. Please Visit and use the  Oxford Owls site to support your child's reading at home.


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Daily reading and family quiet reading time

We recommend that for 10-20 minutes a day, the whole family reads a book of their choice. You too grown ups!  Reading reduces stress by 66%

It also shows children the importance of taking the time to read.


Whole family read aloud

The family chooses a book that is read aloud for 10-20 minutes a day (maybe at bedtime), the whole family can all have a discussion and enjoy.


Reading Diary

Keeping a reading diary of what the children/ your child has read (or had read to them) would be a great thing to share with your class teacher when you get back to school. You could note the title, maybe draw a picture of the cover and say what was your favourite thing about that story. 

Mrs Lloyd reading Hettie's Lockdown Story

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Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss, read by Mrs Lloyd

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smiley The staff have been reading all sorts of stories and recording them!

Please explore other classrooms to find other stories that you can list to. smiley

If you would like some help and support with phonics at home try these great tools 


*phonics play - used ALOT in school ... they are currently offering all their resources for free. See the website for details

*Mr Thorne does phonics on you tube - he has video links to every sound needed in reception and Year 1/2 

*Alphablocks on the iPlayer

*Leap frogs letter factory on Netflix 

*Teach your monster to read (app) 

*cbbc games - alphablocks  


Communication and Language is key in the development of all other areas of learning. Below is a link to a GoNoodle video we have been enjoying joining in with at home. They have loads of videos you can try. Check them out. 

Hola, Bonjour, HELLO! - Champiverse | GoNoodle

Sing, dance and start each day with a happy hello from everyone at GoNoodle! Tell us in the comments how YOU say HELLO!